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About Venezia

A romantic getaway, steeped in history and one of the most well known and most beautiful destinations in the world is "Venice".  A Architectural treasure and a place for painters and artists. The magnificence of the city strikes: the tremenosud and large Grand Canal with beautiful white bridges on it, the Piazza San Marco - the most famous square in Italy, the dockyards of the Arsenale... All in Venice is amazing and wonderful! The hotels in Venice divided into the antique and age-old, which are build in the old barrocco style buildings and modern spa-resorts and 5-stars up-to-date hotels which are located on Lido di Venezia, in 10 minutes going on boat from the Venice on islands, where there are a lot of beautiful sand beaches. Here on you can also choose discount hotels in Venice, but in advance or cheap hotel to save your money and apend them better foir souvenirs. 

Of course most tourists have a list-to-do and a list-to-see before they go to Venice. These lists might slightly differ depending on your preferences and what you already know about the city. However, there're definitely things that are on all lists. 

The activities to do in Venice:

  • Enjoy the Piazza San Marco. It is the most famous piazza (aquare) in venice, which is 175 meters long. there are a great variety of the cafes, bars and restaurants on the square, in the evening you can hear the live music here. You can also get in to the top of  the Basilica di San Marco. the oldest of these (probably built by Codussi) and enjoy the splendid city view!
  • Go to the Ponte di Rialto, the main bridge in the city, there are now lots of shops on the bridge selling all kinds of souvenirs and curiosities. Fresh fruit, vegetable and fish markets line the streets in the bustling neighborhood.
  • Visit Chiesa di Santo Stefano, the old beautiful church in Venice. Inside, note the tomb of the last commander in chief of the Republic and the Sepulchral monument to Bartolomeo D'Alviano.
  • You can go on a small trip to the famous islands near the Venice - Murano (the famous glass from Murano is made here) and Burano. You can also go to lido di Venezia and spend a wondeful day near the best seaside.

What is interesting about places to see in Venice? 

Central square San Marco is one of the main sights of the city, as well as its major postcard view. It's hardly possible to miss this square named after the patron saint of the city San Marco with its Cathedral named after the same saint and its bell towers and other sights, Grand Canal and Palazzo Ducale just to name few.

Next stop after a stroll along San Marco square is Palazzo Ducale. It's one of the must-visit destinations, but it's not that easy to get there; way too many tourists are queuing to get inside. Though it's definitely worth visiting to see how Ducales who rules Venice for centuries lived like. According to the Italian traditions, the Palace had to show the glory of the rulers of Venice, therefore its interiors were decorated by best artists. As you might suggest, there should be the other, dark side of the story as well. And it's true - there's a prison with torture wards.

To ride a gondola is the first thing all travellers want to do when they're in Venice. Pleasant way to spend your time, most traditional thing to do and a chance to get the best photos - a gondola ride can give you all this. Though you should keep in mind, it's not a cheap entertainment. Standard price for a 40-minutes ride is around 80-100eur.

If you really want to see the real Venice, you should take a look at other, less touristic areas of the city. Visit the district called 'New Jewry', a place where in a small houses of 6-8 floors Jewish families of venetian merchants, doctors and salesmen. These houses are still there to show the other side of the history of Venice. Rare tours happen to be guided here, but the area is truly interesting for those who want to learn more about city history.

The most colourful island of the region, Burano, is famous for its buildings of all colours of rainbow. Walking along the embankments of the canals and admire the diversity of colours. The legends tell that fishermen when they were in the sea wanted to make sure everything is ok back at home, and that’s why they agreed to colour their houses in different colours.

What should you know before going to Venice?

  • If you’re on budget and can’t afford 100EUR-ride-by-gondola, you can use a big gondola that crosses the Grand Canal. The ride is only several minutes long, there’re no velvet pillows, and there’re two gondoliers instead of one, but the price is way cheaper. We recommend the following routes: from Pescheria to Santa Sofia and from Punta della Dogana to San Marco square.
  • Venice is not one of the cities where follow the crown would work well for sightseeing. People always follow the same route: from railway station to Rialto bridge along the main tourist street Strada Nova, then to San Marco square through commercial quarter with expensive food, very regular cappuccino, useless souvenirs and awful carnival masks. And if you try to turn away from this route, you’ll find yourself in a dead end. GPS won’t be of real help here as maps of Venice are not perfect, as well as mobile phone connection. To avoid these problems we highly recommend that you buy a proper map and make sure it’s waterproof.
  • If you plan on visiting Venice in summer, keep in mind that due to high humidity and numerous mosquitoes it’s not a pleasant time there. Citizens of Venice say that autumn and spring are way better time for coming over.
  • Everyone arriving to Venice has an obligatory plan: see mosaics in badly lightened cathedral, go around Palazzo Ducale with its frescoes, take a lift up the cathedral tower to make tourist shots and in the end of the day, terribly tired, go to one of historical cafes of the square, Florian’s or Quadri’s, both also famous for its high rates. Consider coming to the square early in the morning in time for a morning Mass. It’s probably the only time when you can feel the real glory and monumentality of this place which is never as concentrated as in the moments when it’s not overcrowded with people.
  • If you think that pizza is a national food for any Italian region, than we should point out that it’s not entirely so. Pizza was invented in Naples, and since then it’s cooked correctly only there. The same can be told about Panini, which is completely not what you would be expecting from Italian bread. Better try traditional venetian food, chiketti, most popular snack in the city.

Here on you can look at any accomodation you want in Venice: luxury old style hotels in the very centre of the cuty or discount  resort - hotel in the Lido di Venezia! You will never forget your jouyrney to this majestic city!

4 Star Hotels Excellent 8.7/10
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Ai Due Fanali
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Bauer Palazzo
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Ca Gioiosa
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Corte del Gelsomino
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Ca Stella
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Ca de l Arco
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Ca Pisani
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Golden Tulip Tritone
4 Star Hotels
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