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Vasco da Gama Bridge 

The Vasco da Gama Bridge is a magnificent bridge over the Tagus River in Lisbon. It’s one of the longest bridges in Europe and 9th longest in the world. Its total length including main bridge, viaducts and dedicated access roads is approx 17km. This bridge is cable-stayed and was named after world-known explorer Vasco da Gama.
It was decided to build Vasco da Gama bridge to ensure the other bridge of Lisbon, 25 de Abril Bridge, will be not that busy. Its construction lasted 18 months, and it was officially opened in the end of March 1998, just in time to celebrate 500th anniversary of the discovery by Vasco da Gama. The designer of the bridge is Armando Rito, and the number of workers involved in the construction exceeds 3300.
There are six road lanes with a speed limit of 120km/h with only one passage with a limit of 100km/h. When it’s windy, rainy or foggy weather, the speed limit is reduced to 90km/h. There are plans to enlarge the number of road lanes to eight in case traffic reaches average of 52000 a day.
The project of this bridge has been developed for years. It was planned to construct such a bridge which will withstand wind speed of 250km/h, and will be able to carry over an earthquake 4.5 times stronger than ever happened in Lisbon. Since 2008 there is a fee for using the bridge is 2.25EUR per passenger car and 10.10EUR per truck, but in case of the southbound traffic it’s free of charge.
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